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Justin Bieber FanFiction

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"Ome Time"

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Shannon's POV

I was practicing a couple dance routines that I was going to teach in my dance classes at J.W.Dance Studio. Suprised? Yea i'm only fifteen and i'm a dance teacher but whatever. I was creating a couple of modern and hip hop dance routines to teach the adults and teens. While i was in the midst of doing a double turn, i came face to face with mister Justin Bieber a.k.a. my best friend.

"Hey Justin" I said

"Hey Shay" He said smiling sheepishly.

I looked down and noticed that he was still holding me because when i fell out of the turn but he caught me and never let go.

"Whatsup? Need Something?" I asked after he let me go.

"Nahh i came here cause i was bored." He said back.

We sat on the floor and started talking for about an hour until Kimberly (Justin's girlfriend) came rushing in to the studio telling me that one of my modern classes were here for rehearsal and dragged Justin out of the studio. Once he was out, my students, Tiffany, Judy, Sara, Aleah, Dana, Jackie, and Maria walked in. They were all about 12 and 13.

"Alright class since you all know about our annual recital that we do every year coming up in June, (it's the beginning of February 2009 now) I want to start teaching you the routine so we could start practicing it." I said smiling.

They all looked really excited after i said that.

My friend, Melanie (who is also my assistant teacher) walked in and took a seat next to me. Out of the corner of my eye, i saw Kimberly kiss Justin which made me feel sick. Ugh i hate her.

"Hey ladies!" Melanie said smiling brightly.

"Hey Mel!" all the girls said in unison just as cheerfully.

"Ok so Mel i was just telling them about the show in June." I said while she smiled and nodded.

"Alright so ladies, this year's theme is the "Reality Show". We'll be performing to the song called "I Want You (She's So Heavy) by Joe Anderson, Dana Fuchs, and T.V. Carpio. Me and Mel made the routine so that it would be dramatic yet flowy just like the song is. So be ready for anything that is thrown at you. Mel and i will also be joining you in this performance." I said with a small smile.

"Now let's get started girls!" Melanie exclaimed joyfully.

The girls squealed happily. I saw Justin laugh lightly at their happiness and smiled. I got up and ran to the stereo to put on some music to stretch to before we start. After we stretched, Me and Mel taught the girls about 1/4 of the routine and practiced for about an hour and a half before it was time to go home.

"K girls next class we'll show you the costumes for the performance. We're pretty sure you'll like them" Mel said.

We all said our goodbyes. I noticed that Justin had gone home already.

"See you tomorrow babe." I said as i hugged Mel.

"Bye sweetie!" she said back and we went our separate ways to our cars to go home.

When I got home, I greeted my mom then went upstairs to my sister Reyyna's room just to chill with her.

"Hey Reyy." I said as i hopped on her bed.

"Hey Shay! How was dance?" She asked.

"Good. I need to start choreographing my solo performance and our dance together and teach the other modern class their dance. I already tought the kids their hip hop routine so i'm almost done." I replied.

"That's cool." she said.

We talked till like 11:00PM and i decided to go to sleep cause i was tired. So i went to my poster-filled room, changed into my PJ's, and hopped on my bed. I was out within minutes with only one thing on my mind : *Dammit i have school tomorrow.*

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